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Writing the sort of stories I want to read.

Fantasy/Science Fiction stories about strong characters

with just a dash of romance to keep things interesting.

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Shifting Seas Short Story (April 2017)

Sequel to Pathfinder's Way (Winter 2017)

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Of Bone anD RUIN

An ancient discovery has been made close to the city of Aurelia—one that promises wealth and power equal only to the dangerous secrets lying at its heart.

With three powerful groups vying for control of the discovery’s unlimited potential, it will take a delicate touch not to tip the scales toward war. Something Tate Fisher, a newly accepted dragon-ridden with a bit of a memory problem, has never been known for possessing.

Tate must learn to navigate the undercurrents of this society if she wants her friends and empire to come out the other side in one piece. Because these secrets involve Tate, and they don’t intend to let her go so easily.

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Midnight's Emissary

​Aileen has a few rules for her life. Do her job and go home safe. Keep the supernatural world away from her human family. Stay off the vampire radar. And, above all, don’t get involved in spook politics.

But when Liam comes back into town bringing a mystery that threatens the life she’s built, she finds every closely guarded rule flying out the window as she sinks ever deeper into the supernatural world. 

Ultimately, it may be the people she loves the most who pay the price in the high stakes game that vampires call life.

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