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Broken Lands 4 - September 2019

Firebird 2 - Late 2019/early 2020

Aileen 4 - Late 2019/early 2020

Writer of Fantasy/Science Fiction stories

featuring strong characters and just a dash of romance 

to keep things interesting

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Secrets Bound by sand

When the past forms the future, how does a woman with few memories survive?

No longer nameless or alone, Tate has put down roots in the city of Aurelia. She’s found a home, friends and a misfit family. When an assassination attempt leads to a dangerous loss of control over her dragon, Tate is sent to the farthest reaches of the empire on a mission she can’t refuse.

It isn’t long before Tate stumbles into her usual brand of trouble. Kidnapped and separated from her closest allies, Tate will have to find a way to survive old enemies and new acquaintances. 

Piecing together the tattered remnants of her past might be the only thing separating her from death. Enemies long thought dead are returning and they won’t be satisfied until they have Tate’s head. 



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The wind's call

Scarred by her past; defined by her future.

Eva is a herd mistress without a herd. A tagalong by her own definition. Not thrown away by her people, but rather someone who created a new life for herself when the old one died.

When she rescues one of the mysterious winged horses, a creature straight out of myth, from those who would enslave him, Eva opens the door to something her chosen people want more than anything else. An alliance.

Now, sent deep into the Highlands and guarded by one of the Warlord’s most trusted warriors, Eva will have to brave the terrors that wait there. Someone is sowing the seeds of dissent upon which war turns. Failure will lead to death, but success may bring revelations she’s not ready to face.

The balance of power is shifting in the Broken Lands. Those who survive will need to adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape. Choosing her friends wisely has never been so important.

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